Our industry is buzzing with excitement about 5G. We have read the requirements, both high-level and more detailed. We have poured over the numerous white papers. Standardization plans have been carefully set and work is already progressing. But we have mainly focused on the radio technologies needed for 5G. What about the network behind the radio access system? How will the 5G network infrastructure help to meet the overall 5G system requirements, and is it even fit for purpose?

This year’s ETSI Summit will offer a unique opportunity to tackle the many open questions relating to the 5G network infrastructure and the multiple technological developments that will be necessary to meet the requirements of 5G.
The previous ETSI 5G Summit held in April 2016 examined many of the topics relating to 5G, particularly the new use cases that will be supported by the 5G network, as well as the spectrum and radio access aspects. That work would be incomplete without considering the complete 5G end to end architecture.
This 2017 ETSI summit will focus on 5G network infrastructure: the technological solutions that will be needed in order to enable true scalable mobility and to fulfil the ambitious 5G requirements, in terms of performance, reliability, energy efficiency and security. More information on the event is available at www.etsi.org/etsi-summit.
Reserve your place now – the ETSI Summit is free of charge but space is limited and places go quickly.