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Firecell aims to democratise private 5G networks and enables small and medium-sized enterprises to upgrade their existing industrial facilities.

Firecell develops a complete 4G and 5G radio access (RAN) and core network (CORE) software suite enabling manufacturers to deploy and operate private networks to connect their factories (Industry 4.0). Because our software distributions are based on open source, we are able to develop simple and affordable 5G private networks, so that manufacturers of any size can deploy their own private network as easily as a Wi-Fi network.

Firecell develops two complementary product lines:

– 5G network software to deploy small to medium sized private networks (< 10,000 connected devices or sensors). Our first product is a private network in a box for live testing.

– 4G and 5G test tools and suites for chip, module and device vendors to test compliance with numerous 4G and 5G scenarios.

Custom development, integration, support and maintenance services around these two product lines.

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