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UScale focuses on a particular period in the life of a startup : the product has successfully hit the market, more mature investors are willing to place a bet on the company, and the company has now to scale in order to build a sustainable revenue stream so more product offerings can be developed and new markets can be penetrated.

What does « scale » mean ? Implement a repeatable sales process, build an organization that allows the founders to step up and leverage their management structure to run the business, define a go-to-market startegy that focuses on the business challenges the customers have to solve rather than being product-centric.

This can mean lots of changes for the structure to absorb, hence the ability to onboard the teams so they actively endorse the new models, to generate quick wins to demonstrate tangible results rapidly, to maintain the initial entrepreurial DNA while bringing fresh blood to evolve the company’s mindset, all this is critical for this scaling to be successful and sustainable.

UScale aims at helping entrepreneurs find the best suited anwers to questions such as :

  • I know the market segments I want to develop or penetrate, but how I can structure a go-to-market plan that will define my value prop, the necessary channels, the associated business model, and the adequate team profile and organization model ?

  • Should I sell direct or through channels, on which segments ?

  • I want to evolve my sales structure to a more high-touch, business-oriented sales vs a transactional, product-oriented approach. What changes do I need to implement in the teams structure, sales process, product positioning to achieve this ?

  • As the founder, I need to step up from the day/day operations so I can concentrate more on strategy, exec level relationships at my top customers, etc. How can I develop my existing management structure, bringing them the necessary skills and tools that will allow them to expand their scope of responsibilities and drive their business with more autonomy.

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