Telecom Valley organizes its next m-Tourism Day on the topic of Big Data applied to Tourism. A not to be missed and open event that will occur on Tuesday 13th october 2015 in Nice Côte d’Azur area.

Journée m-Tourisme 2014

Every year, the m-Tourism Group, driven by Jean-Bernard Titz (Dev-Help) organize the International m-Tourism Day.

This Group, active all year long through its monthly meetings between members and partners of the association (both specialized in tourism and ITC), focus on m-tourism projects studies, conferences, collaborative projects planning, …

Main event of this Group, the International m-Tourism Day deals, every year, with an up to date topic, at the intersection of tourism and innovation.

This day take place through a serie of experiences feedbacks, regarding international projects, and roundtables composed with well-knowed institutionals.

This 5th edition will also be the opportunity to publish a White Paper on the very same topic : Big Data for Tourism

After already having published White Papers on Open Data and ICTs for disability, Telecom Valley association now focuses on Big Data phenomenon, a topic both precursor and essential in the future.

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Indeed, Big Data phenomenon, meaning collected data massification, drives tourism actors to consider the management and the use of this data in a different way.

Therefore, we are lauching a call for papers to every person, who had the opportunity to participate in a Big Data application in Tourism, Travel and Transportation or planning to work on, in order to speak in for this Day.

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